Luxury hotels and tourism

Luxury hotels and tourism

Hall d’hôtel par David Mark de Pixabay

Luxury hotels and tourism

How do you become a luxury hotel?

-To start you need large bedrooms.
-A confortable bed.
-A good room-service.
-A good restaurant.
-That the cleanning is well done.
-A good bathroom.
-There are usally swimming pools and spa.
-There is wifi.
-You need a starred restaurant.
-The location of the hotel should be good.
-It is essencial to have a exectionnel architecture.

Who goes to luxury hotels?

-The starts always go to luxury hotels.
-The bourgeois go to luxury hotels.
-Middle-class people can eat in the hotel restaurant because they don’t have enought money to pay for the night.
-Politicians can go to luxury hotels.

Luxury hotels and us.

Many middle-class people prefer to go to camping because the price is more reasonable,and the animations are better for young children and it is more user-friendly. There are still swimming pool and game.

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